In this page you will find a list of my research publication. It has been a while back when I published any scientific research.


  • PhD thesis: Understanding and supporting information seeking tasks across multiple sources, ISBN No. 9789090258751, 9090258752, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2010.
  • Final thesis: Towards a User Centric Mobile Identification, ISBN No. 90-444-0544-6, Stan Ackermans Institute, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 2005.
  • Master thesis: Graphical Presentation of CAD Data, Fachhochschule Offenburg, 2003.


  • Amin, A., Hildebrand, M., van Ossenbruggen, J., Hardman, L., Designing a thesaurus-based comparison search interface for linked cultural heritage sources, IUI’10


  • Amin, A., Townsend, S., van Ossenbruggen, J., Hardman, L.: “Fancy a drink in Canary Wharf?”: a user study on location-based mobile search, In proc. INTERACT’09
  • Zhang, J., Amin, A., Cramer, H., Hardman, L., Evers, V.: Improvings user’s confidence in cultural heritage aggregated results, poster, In proc. SIGIR’09
  • Cramer, H., Kemper, N. Amin, A., Evers, V. : Give me a hug: the effects of touch and autonomy on people.s responses to embodied social agents, In proc. CASA’09
  • Wilkins, P., Byrne., D., Smeaton, A., Troncy, R., Amin, A., Halvey, M., Punitha, P., Villa, R. : User Variance and its Impact on Video Retrieval Benchmarking, In proc. CIVR’09
  • Hardman, L., van Ossenbruggen, J.v., Troncy, R., Amin, A., Hildebrand, H. : Interactive Information Access on the Web of Data. In proc. WebSci’09: Society On-Line, Athens, Greece, 2009.
  • Cramer, H., Kemper, N., Amin A., Evers, V., The effects of touch and proactive behaviour on perceptions of interactions between humans and robots, poster, HRI’09
  • Amin, A., Hildebrand, M., Ossenbruggen, J., Evers, V., Hardman, L., Organizing Suggestions in Autocompletion Interfaces, In proc. ECIR’09
  • Amin, A., Zhang, J., Cramer, H., Hardman, L., Evers, V.: The effects of source credibility ratings on a cultural heritage information aggregator, In proc. WICOW at WWW’09.
  • Henriette Cramer, Nicander Kemper, Vanessa Evers and Alia Amin, Touched by Robots: effects of physical contact and robot proactiveness , In Proc of. The Reign of Catz and Dogz Workshop, CHI’09.


  • Schreiber G., Amin A., Aroyo L., van Assem Mark, de Boer V., Hardman L., Hildebrand M., Omelayenko B., van Ossenbruggen J., Tordai A., Wielemaker J., Wielinga B., Semantic annotation and search of cultural-heritage collections: The MultimediaN E-Culture demonstrator, Journal of Web Semantics, 2008.
  • Amin, A., Establishing Requirements for Information Gathering Tasks, ECDL’08 Doctoral Consortium.
  • Amin, A., Ossenbruggen, J., Hardman, J., Nispen, A., Understanding Experts’ Information Seeking Needs, In Proc. JCDL’08.
  • Wilkins, P., et al., K-space at TRECVid 2008. In Proc. TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation Workshop, Oct 2008.
  • van Ossenbruggen, J., Amin, A., and Hildebrand, M., Why Evaluating Semantic Web Application is Difficult, Semantic Web User Interaction Workshop, CHI’08.
  • Alia Amin, Lynda Hardman, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Capturing Ubiquitous Information Gathering Tasks, KSpace Phd Jamboree, July 2008.


  • Hildebrand, M., Ossenbruggen, J.R., Amin, A., Aroyo, L., Wielemaker, J., Hardman, L., The design space of a configurable autocompletion component, Technical Report, CWI, 2007.
  • Amin, A., Hardman, L., and Ossenbruggen, J., Searching in the Cultural Heritage: Capturing experts information seeking needs. Technical report, CWI, 2007.
  • Wilkins P. et al., K-Space at TRECVid 2007, In Proc. of TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation Workshop, Nov 2007
  • Ossenburggen, J. v., et al.: Searching and Annotating Virtual Heritage Collections with Semantic Web Techniques. In proc. Museum and the Web07, April 2007.
  • Amin, A., Hildebrand, M., Evaluating Semantic Autocompletion, the K-Space Jamboree PhD Workshop, 2007.
  • Alia Amin, Lora Aroyo, Mark van Assem, Victor de Boer, Lynda Hardman, Michiel Hildebrand, Borys Omelayenko, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Guus Scheiber, Anna Tordai, Jan Wielemaker, Bob Wielinga, The E-Culture MultimediaN Project, MultimediaN Day, June 2007.


  • Schreiber, G., Amin, A., Assem, M., Boer, V., Hardman, L., Hildebrand, M., Hollink, L., Huang, Z., Kersen, J., Niet, M., Omelayenjko, B., Ossenbruggen, J., Siebes, R., Taekema, J., Wielemaker, J., and Wielinga, B., MultimediaN E-Culture Demonstrator. In Proc. ISWC’06 pp. 951–958.
  • Amin, A., Wang, C.M., Affective Speech for Social Communication: Implementation Challenges in Text-to-Speech for Short Messages, Mobile Social Software Workshop, CHI’06.
  • Alia Amin, Lynda Hardman, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Semantic Design, MultimediaN Day, June 2006.


  • Amin, A., Kersten, B. T., Kulyk, O. A., Pelgrim, P. H., Wang, C. M., and Markopoulos, P. 2005. SenseMS: a user-centered approach to enrich the messaging experience for teens by non-verbal means. In Proc. MobileHCI ’05, pp. 161-166.
  • Amin, A., Kersten, B., Kulyk, O., Pelgrim, E., Wang, J., Markopoulos, P.,: The SenseMS: Enriching the SMS Experience for Teens by Non-verbal Means. In Proc. INTERACT’05 pp. 962-965.
  • EWIMT 2005


  • Amin, A., Metin, B., Schneider, J., and Kulyk, O., The Pervasive Office: the future office vision, short paper and video, finalist for the OCE student competition EUSAI 2004, November 2004.

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